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Quested Monitoring Systems design and manufacture the world’s most neutral loudspeakers for recording studios and engineers worldwide.

Our world includes Abbey Road, Gladiator, Florence & The Machine, The Dark Knight, and embraces principles of clarity and dynamics beyond other speaker manufacturers.

Used by the world’s leading engineers and producers and installed in some of the most prolific recording complexes around the globe, Quested monitors always deliver an exceptional sound stage with a truly clean, accurate, unflattering response.

From the S Series to custom solutions, Quested provides these facilities with the tool they need to be able to monitor and make critical decisions on some of the most popular music recordings and film soundtracks of our times.

Not only a favourite of commercial recording facilities, Quested monitors are also first choice for composers, producers and artists when equipping their personal recording facilities.


Clarity and headroom gives Questeds their impartiality. Whether it is unique high-performance Class A/B amplification or bespoke drive units to deliver maximum clarity, Quested is totally focussed on delivering a neutral audio presentation of a mix, whether the mix is good or bad…..

Rigid cabinets with substantial bracing allow our drivers to perform to the maximum. Even our monitor stands are carefully designed to be the best in the industry.

We work with several drive unit specialists to enable us to focus on the design and performance of the overall system.

The amplifier development team is always pushing the ability of our unique electronics to overcome a myriad of problems and challenges – power, heat, efficiency, long-term performance – to deliver the most dynamic, clear, amplifier performance in the world

The results have been proven over 25 years.  Low-fatigue, neutral monitoring used to create the world’s finest music and film mixes.


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