Dolby Professional Reference Decoder DP568

The Dolby® Professional Reference Decoder DP568 is a 7.1-channel decoder that assists broadcasters and manufacturers in the adoption and deployment of the latest Dolby audio codecs.

The Dolby DP568 is designed to help broadcasters monitor streams along multiple points of the broadcast chain. The DP568 provides a detailed analysis of Dolby audio streams for professionals, making it ideal for broadcast trials and manufacturers’ test environments.

It provides real-time decoding of Dolby Digital PlusDolby DigitalDolby E, HE AAC with Dolby metadata, and Dolby Pro Logic IIx. Enhanced features of Dolby Digital Plus™, such as secondary audio bitstream mixing and 7.1-channel decoding, can easily be monitored using the DP568.

Among its extensive capabilities, the DP568 can:

  • Allow broadcasters to perform quality control (QC) at any point within their headends
  • Enable monitoring, display, and logging of all audio-related metadata and measurement of program loudness, using Dolby Dialogue Intelligence™, ITU-R BS.1770-2, or EBU Mode loudness estimation

Additional features include:

  • Monitoring capabilities for emulating set-top box behavior in the QC environment
  • A consumer emulation mode for Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Multistream Decoders found in consumer TVs and set-top boxes
  • Support for MPEG-2 transport stream with H.264 and MPEG-2 video decoding to help verify audio/video synchronization
  • Standard analog and digital audio and video outputs (including HDMI®)
  • A web-based user interface for easy selection and monitoring of the unique downmixing capabilities, listening modes, and compression modes of Dolby technologies
  • A front-panel interface for basic setup and monitoring
  • A headphone output for confidence monitoring
  • A web services API to enable automated test operations